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Reviews for Stafford & Fredericksburg, VA

I wish to make a testimonial about JF Electrical Contractors. I contacted Mr. Fizer about having some security lights installed. He was very knowledgeable, polite and reasonably priced. Before the end of business that day, he emailed me an estimate.

The technician, Ron, showed up on time and was very professional. When there was a problem with the security light sensor, the response time to fix the problem was quick (less than a day later) and I have had no trouble since. I will recommend JF Electrical Contractors for any electrical service and I will use them in the future.

Shay Reynolds

I've been having problems with the ceiling lights in my kitchen burning out every 4 – 6 weeks - sometimes sooner – a local electrician had checked the sockets of the lights several times, even replacing an entire light fixture but the problem continued.

JF Electrical Contractors, Inc. in Fredericksburg discovered all of the wires in every light switch in my kitchen were not completely connected causing a short resulting in the lights burning out quickly. The electrician also discovered melted insulation lying on top of each light in the attic and plastic wrapping apparently left over when the insulation was unwrapped and installed lying on top of the lights which could have caused a fire.
The electrician's number is (540) 891-1812 – I highly recommend them if you are ever in need of an electrician.

Betty Whiteaker

Dear Mr. Fizer,

We cannot thank you and your staff enough for the wonderful service you provided. From the initial phone call to the finished work , all of you have been nothing but professional, knowledgeable, patient, and hardworking. We appreciate the time you took to answer our questions and concerns as well as explain the work in a detailed manner. The replacement of our electrical panel was no short task among all the other upgrades we needed. Nevertheless, you and Marc, worked diligently and explained the process in terms that we could understand. Your knowledge of current standards and concern for our family's safety was not taken for granted. You are a man of your word and we could not be more pleased.

JF Electrical will be the only electrical contractor that we use. We highly recommend your team to anyone.

Sincerely, David and Amy Campbell

Dear Mr. Fizer,

I write to thank JF Electrical Contractors for service you rendered to me earlier this month.

It was a late Monday afternoon when I called about a tripping switch in an electrical panel, a problem that left me without heat during bitterly cold weather. You immediately phoned one of your technicians, Frank Simmons, who was on his way home from work, and he turned around in afternoon traffic, went back to your shop to get a truck, and appeared on my doorstep with a cheerful hello in less than 45 minutes.

Frank quickly diagnosed the problem, which was improper wiring in the coil unit of a recently purchased heat pump. This gave me the knowledge and confidence to seek recourse from the reputable local company that had made the error, and I had heat restored before nightfall.

There are several things I especially appreciate about your response to me:
1.Your genuine kindness in hearing my plight, even though I was unknown to you.
2.The promptness, skill, and common decency of the technician
3.Both the technician's and your own assertion that the wiring problem was not representative of the usual good work of the heat pump's installer
4.And finally, your phoning me the next day to make certain I was warm and OK

My grandfather and father, both long deceased, owned small businesses in “the trades.” They took pride in their work, and their word was their honor. My brief experience with JF electrical reminds me that there still are people of character and integrity doing business in our community, and for that I am most grateful. You deserve to thrive, and I, for one, have some non-emergency work for you to do this year.

Service performed with politeness and distinction makes a more secure and harmonious world for everyone, but especially for those of us who are getting older. Thank you so much for the help.

Most Sincerely, Rebecca Starling

For several years JF Electric has been the only source I use for residential or commercial electrical work - regardless of the size or complexity of the project. They have performed miracles and are adept at handling emergencies. Employee longevity is impressive at JF Electric, allowing the establishment of a good rapport and history with their clients.

The whole staff is always well-informed about industry standards, local codes, and design concepts. They are friendly, careful, honest, responsive, and willing to go to any length to make every job right, at a very reasonable price. JF doesn't stand for Just Fine, but it should, because they are.

Elizabeth Bailey

This is a true story I am about to tell you about JF Electrical Contractors.
Back in 2000, I was busy as a bee and low & behold, I realized I had an electrical problem.

At the time, my husband was an over the road tractor trailer driver and was not home. So I had to make a decision to get the problem solved. So I jumped to the telephone book and started to look for help.
I looked through page after page of electrical companies. I called 3 or 4 companies. They were to busy or it would be 2 or 3 days before they could get to me.

Finally a name jumped out at me, JF Electrical Contractors. Since maiden name initials were J.F., I figured I had faith that this was the one.

I called JF Electrical Contractors and a very nice lady answered the phone. I told her my problem and she said she would call me back in a few minutes. Well she did and told me an electrician would be at my house very shortly. She was right, the electrician introduced himself, I told him my problem and he went to work right away. In no time he was finished. He told me what the problem was and I was highly impressed with his work. Now I was expecting the bill to be out of this world, but I was very surprised when I saw it. It was very reasonable. At the time, I did not know how many other problems they could fix. They can do anything except fix a broken heart. If you look in the yellow pages, you will see what I mean.

But the real story is I have had them at my home for many different electrical problems or to update some other problem I had in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2011. I have been with them for 9 years and each year it was a different problem or I had to have them update some of my problems so my home would be safe. Each time I got help right away.

The staff in the office and all of the electricians are the best and very good at their job. JF Electrical Contractors are second to none. They will serve you with pride and courtesy. They will not leave you until the job is completed. You will not get this service anywhere in the Fredericksburg area. Their work is excellent and I would recommend anyone give them a call the next time you have a problem. If all of his electricians are on a job, the boss himself will come to your home. Trust me that JF Electrical Contractors are the best.

I am one of their #1 customers. They have 24 hour service and their telephone number is (540) 891-1812.

Thank you JF Electric for being there for us.
Jane F. Smith

I wanted to thank Frank for the service call on Monday, June 13th. He was on time, courteous, professional and just downright good.

Bill & Marilyn Hoffer

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